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The Simple View of Reading and How to Use it with a little girl holding a book in front of the night sky

The Simple View of Reading and How to Use It

This post is all about the “Simple View of Reading” (SVR). Here you will read all about the overly simple, yet powerful equation to better understand reading comprehension and how it works. This simple equation packs a lot of punch!

6 Principles of Language development and reading books with your child two parents and a child sitting together on a couch with a book

6 Principles of Language Development and Reading Books with Your Child

Thanks to decades of research, we know better now than ever before that language and literacy skills begin developing at birth. That’s right! From the moment your beautiful child breathes their first breath and hears their first words, their brain is set to work in developing skills for understanding.

Phonemic Awareness: First Steps to Learning How to Read. Features a mother and her baby sitting on a couch reading a book.

Phoneme Awareness: The Beginning of Learning To Read

Phonemic Awareness is a term frequently used by educators and professionals in early literacy and reading development. Learn all about phonemic awareness here, what it is, and how you've most likely been building this skill with your child.

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