The Perfect [& FREE] CVC Words Activity Cards for Your Beginning Reader!

Is your child in the beginning stages of reading? Have they began mastering their vowel and consonant sounds? If so, they may be ready to take on CVC words and start reading their first words! In this post, you will learn about the FREE CVC words activity cards you can download today along with the fun activities you can do with your beginning reader. This reading activity suits children ages 4-6 years old (kindergarten and first grade) who are gaining mastery of their consonant and vowel sounds and who are ready to read.

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Check out my video that I’ve put on YouTube! I had a lot of fun putting this video together for everyone! This contains the different activities you can do using this FREE CVC Words Activity Cards reading resource! Yes, it’s free. With little preparation, you’ll be ready to go in no time!

What are CVC words?

CVC words (consonant-vowel-consonant) are commonly used to teach children in the beginning stages of reading. They have 1 syllable and have a short vowel sound. This is because the vowel is squeezed between two consonants, making it a closed syllable. Closed syllables have the short vowel sound. Here are a few examples.

This is a picture of a cat. It contains the word cat and highlights the consonant, vowel and consonant structure of the CVC word, cat.
This is a picture of a sun. It contains the word cat and highlights the consonant, vowel and consonant structure of the CVC word, sun.
This is a picture of a fox. It contains the word cat and highlights the consonant, vowel and consonant structure of the CVC word, fox.

They often make up the first words children read because they are predictable and three letters long. CVC words can be used to make up 100s (1000s!) of complete sentences for your child to read confidently and work on their fluency skills. Did you know there are approximately 200 CVC words in the English language? Awesome!

Learn more about phonics and beginning reading, here!

A List of CVC Words Activities You Can Do with Your Beginning Reader

  • Matching Vowels: Match each word card with their missing vowel. For an added challenge, have your child match the picture cards to their missing vowel and have them spell the word out using blocks or a pencil. There is an additional spelling worksheet attached to this FREE download.
  • Matching Consonants: Match each picture card with either their beginning consonant or ending consonant.

CVC Words Games to Play

  • Matching Fun: You’ll need the vowel cards and the picture cards for this game. Give each player two vowels, setting the 5th one aside. Flip over 4-6 picture cards. Each player takes turns gathering the picture cards that contain one of their two vowels. Once all the cards have been redeemed, return the vowels to the deck, shuffle and hand out two more to each player. Repeat the process over until the picture card deck runs out. Who ever has the most picture cards, wins.
  • Play Memory: Select 6 to 8 matches for this game. Flip them face down on the table. Take turns flipping over two cards to find matches. If they match, pick up the cards. Point for you! If they do not match, flip them face down again and start again.
  • Play Go Fish: Select 10-15 picture cards and their matching word cards. Shuffle and place the deck face down on the table. Each player gets 3 cards. The first player will start by asking if their opponent has a card that matches one of their cards. If their opponent has the matching card, they must forfeit the card. The first player will take their match and place it on the table. If they do not have the matching card, they say, “Go Fish” and the first player must pick up another card from the deck. This marks the end of the turn and the second player asks the first player if they’ve got a match. So on and so forth until the entire deck has been matched. Whoever has the most matches at the end of the game, wins!

Ok, writing directions on how to play card games is WAY more difficult than it seems! Please forgive me if they are a little wonky. 😜

That’s it for now. Please be sure to sign up to receive your FREE CVC Words Activity Card Set here and let me know what you think! What are some ways you can use this reading resource with your child at home?

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