Book Review: The Empty Pot

The Empty Pot by Demi

The Empty Pot by Demi, book cover lies on purple tissue paper.

Lexile Level: 630L

Age Group: 5-8 years

Rami Malek Reads The Empty Pot

Book Review

This book is one of my absolute favorites. I’ve read it with all of my clients. They loved it just as much. One child even asked if she could borrow it so she could share it with her parents during reading time!

The emperor has set out to find a new successor. Ping, the young boy with a green thumb, along with all the other children in the village receive one seed from the emperor. Follow Ping to see if he grows the most beautiful flower in the land. 

The Empty Pot is ripe with beautiful themes that deal with honesty, patience, resilience, and courage. As you read this book with your child, take the time to discuss how Ping differs from the other children, the feelings he experiences, and why they think Ping is the best child to take the throne. Connect this story with a personal experience you have had that required patience or honesty and the outcome.

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Rami Malek reads this magical book on Youtube!

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